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Alabama Virtual Academy (ALVA) complies with all federal and state education laws. The following information and resources are made available for parents to know their legal rights as well as ALVA school policies and procedures. 

Special Services ALVA

SPED Rights Procedural Safeguards ALVA


English Language Learners (ELL)

Misti Meko Venegas

A live interpreter may be requested at any time. Please contact the school 334-689-5059.


Request for Parent/Guardian Interpreter Services or Disability Accommodations

A live interpreter may be requested at any time. Please contact the school 334-689-5059.


American with Disabilities (ADA) Compliance Act Coordinator/Special Programs Manager

Kyle Altier


Special Education Grievances or Dispute Resolution

DEA dispute resolution procedures, including mediation, State complaint procedures, and due process complaint and due process hearing procedures.

Resources for Disputes:

Quick Guide

Communicating with your Child’s School

CADRE Enagaging Parents Brochure

Alabama State Department of Education- Parents as Partners


Request for Parent/Guardian Disability Accommodations

If any parent/guardian has a disability or other limitation that would impact their ability to participate fully in their child’s educational planning process, Alabama Virtual Academy would be happy to discuss accommodations that may be available in order to maximize the parent/guardian’s participation. Individuals seeking to discuss accommodations for this reason may contact Kyle Altier at


Alabama Parent Education Center

Current Copy of Procedural Safeguards Notice Regarding Special Education

In accordance with federal and state regulations, Alabama Virtual Academy will provide an annual public notice to families informing them of Alabama Virtual Academy’s child find responsibilities, procedures involved in the identification of educational disabilities and determination of students’ service and support needs.
Families are encouraged to review the following information that describes these regulations. Information regarding Alabama Virtual Academy's internal practices to comply with these will be available in the Alabama Virtual Academy's Special Programs Manuals and Handbooks.


SPED Rights (Find in list above)


504 Coordinator

Katherine Morris
334-689-5059 Ext. 5002


Child Find

Notice to Parents and Individuals Required to Make Referrals

The Child Find requirement applies to all children ages birth through 21 who reside within a state, including children who attend public and private schools, highly mobile children, migrant children, homeless children and children who are wards of the state regardless of the severity of their disability. (34 CFR §300.111)

-Notice of Child Find Activity: Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information. Before any major Child Find Activity, the LEA must give Notice to Parents of its procedures to protect the Confidentiality of Personally identifiableinformation used to meet special education requirements.

Full information about the Child Find process at ALVA:

Child Find Coordinator
James (Clark) Waggoner

For full information on the following topics, see the PDF Special Services ALVA:

  • Public Notice of Special Services & Programs
  • Special Education Consent to Evaluate
  • Special Education (IEP) or Service Agreements (504 Plans)
  • Special Education Grievances or Disputes
  • Dispute Resolution Options